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Takayama, Winter Wonderland

Living in Singapore where there is only one season, I particularly enjoy taking pictures in the snow. It allows me to appreciate God’s creation even more. The blue sky and the winter colors are simply breathtaking. When I closed my eyes to rest for the night, the landscape outside my warm bed had been slowly transformed into a white snow land. It was so magical! The mountains and houses were all clothed in white and on such a grand scale. I asked myself: when was the last time I’ve witnessed a magic so great that it was able to change the landscape in such a magnificent way? Only God can do that and I am so glad to see the wonders of His creation.

I was in Takayama the same time two years ago. However to my pleasant surprise, Takayama was a totally different sight from what I was expecting. This year, the leaves on the pine trees had fallen off. Additionally, besides seeing the black and white world, I was able to capture the colors of Takayama, Hirayu, Jyusanbo and Mt. Ontakesan in this trip. There are many pictures to show you and since you have already seen the black and white beauty of Takayama, I will show you some of the colors I found in this winter wonderland. Would you join me in thanking Him for what youare about to see?

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