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Take a trip with me to some of the world’s most wondrous beauties in Arizona. From the breathtaking Grand Canyon to the majestic beauty of Monument Valley to the unique underground Slot Canyon, I found God’s fingerprints in His creations. He made crack marks on the ground and made rocks stand alone in great grandeurs and caused the underground water to create the Slot Canyon that is smooth as silk. These wondrous creations help us realized that we are so small and know that our God is so big.

Interestingly I found a cave at one point in the Grand Canyon. I was extremely excited when I first saw the place. I could not believe my own eyes. I could tell that a few hundreds years ago, the Indians were living in there. There were spaces shaped as living room, bedroom and even a place for cooking. From the bedroom, there is a hole that acts like a window, which enables one to view the sunrise in the Grand Canyon. It is certainly “a view that money cannot buy.” I sat in there and enjoy the moment. I could imagine the people living in these spaces, how peaceful their days must have been surrounded by the breathtaking beauty. As I sat there, I wonder how much we have missed today in this fast changing world where things come and go and we hardly sit down and enjoy the simple beauty in our lives.

Go ahead and enjoy the beautiful creations of God. It is always my joy and passion to bring you the art of His creation.

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