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It may be hard to believe what you are about to see. More than 60,000 people living in a small area, in thousands of bamboo huts, for generations. I could not trust my eyes, to realize that there are actually people in such a situation and just miles from where I live.

You and I, we all have an identity and freedom to travel, we all have goals in life, we all have a future. These people are constantly occupied in a search for a place to call home, a home where they can find oneself, a home with which they are identify.

There are schools in the refugee camps but what is the point of studying if they can't leave the camp. Health is a major issue and hygiene is a serious concern. Added to these problems, medical care is limited.

We were there to conduct photography lessons to some of the young adults. We hope to give them some skills and with these skills they would be able to tell the world of their situation. We want to uphold the principle of "Teaching them how to fish and not just giving them fish".



One morning, we decided to capture the sunrise, so we brought them high up the mountain which was within and just behind the refugee campsite. It was a beautiful sunrise, everyone of us was so touched to see the light coming through, brightening up the mountains and the trees with mist surrounding the area. They shared that it was their first time seeing the sunrise and thanked us for sharing such a great experience with them.

Imagine that a visitor comes to your house and shows you a total new experience in your own backyard. Wow... this situation reminds me of a cat that was kept in captivity at the zoo for too long, and no longer has the hunger or desire to explore the wild.

My heart feels for many of these men, women and children as they smile at me. Would we be able to give them a future? I guess it is a big question mark.

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