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Real Love

Children are the most real. This picture reminds me of their simple act of care toward someone they love; their childlike way of showing love with a hug that says it all.


Comments from the readers

What a treasure of moments and life! On more than a few occasions I’ve found myself overwhelmed by the miracle and wonder of life—even in the most common settings. You have captured some of those wonderful moments in a way that so clearly reflects the grandeur and heart of our God. Thank you for your sharing your gift of sight and vision with us. — USA

Tears were forming in my eyes and I turned from page to page and read your thoughtful copy with each photograph. It is really well done. — USA

The images and copy deeply moved both me and my wife Lynn. What an incredibly beautiful work! — USA

It’s awesome, and truly reflects the title “Life Touching Moments”. I’m sure we will be enjoying it for years to come.